Efficient MVP Development

Everything you need to deploy your idea

Some may choose to hire a full team right from the start just to try out some commercial idea, I, being a full-stack developer, offer you the opportunity to create your MVP working only with me 1 on 1. Find out why it's more efficient

If your idea gets checked out and you decide to move into a more solid development of your project, I can act as a Team Lead and help you build a team.

Get in touch to start building your MVP today.

Flexible collaboration based on an hourly rate

Get a Proposal

Upon receiving your email and learning more about your idea, I will promptly reply within a few days with initial collaboration options, an hourly rate, and general insights into the optimal technical approach.

Project Kickoff

After our initial discussion, we will schedule a follow-up call to delve deeper into your project requirements and tailor an action plan together. A prepayment for the first 40 hours of work is required to initiate the project and deliver the initial build within 2-3 weeks.

Project Lifecycle

After each stage of development, you will have the opportunity to evaluate the results and decide on the next steps. You will also have access to a special system where you can track the status of your balance and detailed work breakdown.

Full-time employment

Instead of hourly work, you have the option to hire me exclusively for a year or longer.
I will dedicate all my time and expertise solely to your project, ensuring focused attention and prioritizing its success.
Let's make your project the top priority together!